Select a team of countries that will score points for you.
You need to choose 6 countries while staying within the budget of €100m.

For each of the rounds, you can change the order of your line-up. This will impact how many points the country brings home for you.

You should take into account that not all countries will participate in all the rounds.

Team & Line-up

When logged in, you can choose your team on the Team page.
As long as the first round has not started yet, you will still be able to make changes to your team.

After having saved your team, you can start setting your line-up for the different rounds. Make sure to save your line-up for each round individually.


For the semi-finals, each country that advances to the finals will receive 50 points.
In the finals, the countries will earn the points they receive in the actual contest.
The countries you have selected for your team will earn a proportion of those points, depending on the order in your line-up for that round.

The first country in your line-up will receive 100% of the points. Your second and third country will receive 85% of the points. And the remaining three will take home 70% of their points.

The scores and rankings will be updated after the completion of each round.


Choose your team wisely. Some countries are pre-qualified for the final round. This means they will not participate in any of the semi-finals and cannot earn points there.

There are much more points to earn in the finals. Don't get lost focusing too much on the semi-finals.